Use Common Sense

Racism, sexism, harassment/abuse, trolling/flaming or any other malicious behaviour in any form is not permitted. This is including but not limited to Nazism, Stalinism, White Supremacist, or other discriminatory discussions.

Topic Discussions

Posts that are inflammatory or intended solely to offend or provoke other members will not be tolerated. Topics such as, but not limited to, pedophilia, politics, religion or anything that does not align with our chilled environment.

Server Advertising

You may not advertise other servers in any form however partnerships are always open so check out the #partner-info channel on our server if you're interested.

Staff Tagging

Mentioning staff unless they are needed is not allowed. This tag and individual tags not within an invited discussion are prohibited.


Doing this in any of the text channels and/or voice channels is not tolerated.

Names and Avatars

Malicious names and/or avatars(profile pictures), including controversial provocative material, is not permitted.

Discord ToS and Guidelines

Discords terms and guidelines must be followed at all times or you will be banned without notice.

Disclosure Notice

Our Staff team reserves the right to modify, remove, or moderate any post that is deemed not acceptable and/or is being toxic to our community.

Moderation Notice

Our Staff team may Mute, Warn, Kick, or Ban any member if they break any of these rules at their discretion and are supervised and trained to do so.